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Her Story

Jodi Barrows: Quilter, Author, Speaker, Revolutionary 

Every revolution has a leader. To awaken the new spirit, to champion the cause, to lead the charge!

Jodi Barrows has been leading a Quilting Revolution before anyone knew there was one! She called it the Square in a Square Revolution, and over the past 20 years she has remarkably touched tens of thousands of quilters throughout the world with her stunningly original message.

As noted in her first book Square in a Square, Jodi Barrows' Square in a Square Point of View provides people that have been typically enslaved by a history of traditional quilting methods. It is the tedious and frustrating methods that drag down the spirit of the quilter. This frustration leads to unfinished projects and a feeling of waste and defeat. How to rise above this disappointment to produce quick, exciting projects and a feeling of accomplishment is the theme Square in a Square answers so clearly. The Square in a Square is a process, a system; a method which can be implemented in most any design, and once implemented provides freedom and joy for a job well done.

Through intensive research and hundreds of hours testing her quilting principles, Jodi Barrows created an easy to follow way to improve the quality and ease of putting quilt plans together. The foundation of the Square in a Square Point of View lies in Jodi's commitment to personal growth and the realization that quilting methods can be updated and improved to encourage both new and experienced quilters. Quilting visionary, author and President of Square Publishing, Jodi Barrows has spoken to quilting audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Italy and S. Africa on how to get involved in this new revolution. Her message is compelling, practical, and timeless.

Jodi's well-rounded background and interests played an integral part in formulating this innovative quilting technique that we offer through Square Publishing. Her artistic abilities as a seamstress and teacher, and her eager interest in history, spirituality and personal growth, have been the underlying forces throughout her life and education. Since the early 1990's, Jodi has served as a keynote lecturer and demonstrator, re-telling her amazing story to a variety of students from beginners to accomplished quilters.
The pioneer in updating quilting methods, Jodi's business, Square Publishing brings fair-priced, high-impact education to any level of quilter. She has taken her vision to another level with the Square in a Square Certification Program for quilt teachers and shop owners, creating a network of highly trained and motivated instructors throughout the United States and the world.

Besides teaching thousands of students each year, speaking to quilt guilds and teaching at quilt shops nationwide, Jodi Barrows expresses the Square in a Square Point of View through her videotape and many books. Her first book Square in a Square (1994) went into its 12th printing, creating hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. It utilizes the special technique ruler also called Square in a Square to bring this system to its high level of success.

Other books written include Advancing On (1996), Borders by the Square (1998), Scrappy Stars (1999), Blocks by the Square (1999), Special Delivery (2000), Block Sampler (2001), and Advancing On II (2002). Then came Diamonds by the Square (2003), Moving On with Diamonds.  Newer books include an updated Advancing On II book, 10th Anniversary Edition, Pony Express, The Mailly Women, Kisses from your Beloved, Letters to a Soldier and Quick and Easy Quilts. Her first reference book, the Square Reference Book, is the main workbook for the system containing the first 18 Options plus charts for each Option.  Jodi considers this a must have book as it really plugs you into the system allowing you to reproduce her quilt designs or pattern adapt a favorite pattern you already have.  This book gives you the tools to accomplish more than you imagined.  Once you have the square Options under control (or even before), move on to her latest reference book, Diamonds by the Square Reference book.  This second volume highlights Options 18-39 working mostly with the diamond.   As you proceed in this book, you will be able to make traditional as well as modern quilts since the diamond units produce motion, movement and style.  Patterns from the 10th Anniversary book (no longer in print) are being reproduced to make individual patterns; currently there are seven such patterns with more being converted. 

Besides the Original Ruler, Jodi has three additional tools, including a Smaller Square in a Square Ruler, a Cross-Cut 4 patch and Cross-Cut 9 patch rulers. Each ruler comes with it's own starter book to help you begin immediately on the system.  These new additions are in the spirit of the other products, all designed to make quilting fun, fast and accurate.

Transforming the quilter . . . One quilter at a time.